Term Paper Directions


Carefully read this document and the included linked material.

Choose a topic from this course that you wish to research in more detail

The topic can be anything mentioned in your text book, even if it is a topic that we are not covering in class

It should be a topic that has some relevance to your life, that has touched your life in some way

Proposed topics are posted in Week 3 and must be approved in advance

The term paper must demonstrate that you have researched the topic in some detail, and  show in what way the subject matter has had an impact on your life

Use a minimum of three credible references

At least one reference should be taken from the professional journals in the EBSCO database at the Sullivan Library web site, from Google Scholar,  or from a professional scientific journal

You can also use resources from the web if the web site is a credible source, such as psychcentral.com

You may not cite the Wikipedia encyclopedia online, as it is not an authoritative source

Follow APA format

See The APA Style Guide on the web site of the Sullivan University Library

The paper is a minimum of 8 full pages in length not including the title page, abstract, or reference list

Submit a paper written specifically for this course, not a paper you wrote for another course

You must have copies of all source materials (printouts of all articles or pages of books that you use) available if requested

Use correct grammar and spelling in your paper

Submit your paper as a Word file