NUR 2050: Eating for Good Health Case Study #2: Making healthy choices in the restaurant Marie and Darrel Jones have been cooking at home more and more since they started keeping track of their health and maintaining a food budget. Because Sherie usually has team practice until later in the evening, she usually does not eat with her parents, but heats up dinner and eats it in the living room while watching television with her dad. After dinner, they share snacks and have dessert while their favorite shows are airing. Anticipating being able to join her husband and daughter in this routine on a night off, Marie decided to pick up take-out for the family for dinner. 1. How would you suggest Sherie and Darrel modify their evening eating routine? Why? 2. Based on Case Study #1, list three nutrients that are particularly important for each member of the Jones family to consider while choosing meals from the restaurant? Explain your answer for each. 3. List and explain at least two strategies that the Jones’ can use to make healthier choices while they are ordering at a restaurant that does not provide nutritional information. 4. What other strategies would be helpful for the Jones’ to reduce the amount of calories they consume during a meal from a restaurant? Please list at least two and briefly explain your suggestion. 5. Choose one meal for each of the family members from a restaurant menu provided that you feel is a healthy option. a. Using the chart provided, list each of the following for each item you select for the three meals. Make sure that you list every item that you intend for each person to enjoy as part of their meal separately (beverage, dressing, sides, etc.). i. Calories ii. Fat(g) iii. Saturated fat (g) iv. Protein (g) v. Carbohydrates (g) vi. Sodium (mg) b. Calculate the total nutrition information for all items in the meal (in part 5a). 6. Explain why you chose each meal based on the individual calorie and dietary needs of each family member that you calculated in your previous assignments. a. Darrel b. Marie c. Sherie 7. Reflection: Did any of the meal options surprise you? What challenges did you face in choosing restaurant meals?