MH681 Health Care Human Resources Management

Lesson 6: Workplace Safety and Global HR

Activity 6: Google Case Study Continued

For this activity, you will continue consulting with Google executives. They informed you that they are opening offices in Paris and London. They plan to relocate current employees who work in its Bay Area location. Google believes the use of expatriates is the best approach given their familiarity with the company and its strategic mission. The HR department is concerned about the safety of its employees. The Google executives and HR managers you meet with pose the following questions.

  1. What sorts of factors do you think Google will      have to take into consideration as it tries transferring its culture and      reward systems and way of doing business to its operations abroad? We      believe that if we fail in London and Paris, plans to expand further will      be abandoned. 
  2. What measures should we take to relocate our      executives? Obviously, in London language is not a barrier. We are      concerned about their safety, especially due to terrorist activities in      France. We are also concerned about some of the spouses’ abilities to      relocate and be happy.