1. What is the biosphere?
  2. Briefly describe 3 types of biomes described in chapter 23.
  3. What is the difference between an autotroph and a heterotroph?
  4. What is the function of detritus feeders? How are they useful in the ecosystem?
  5. What is a niche?
  6. How does energy flow through an environment?
  7. Describe a food web, including the different trophic levels.
  8. What is the ecological pyramid?
  9. Why is biomass important?
  10. Briefly describe the steps of the water cycle.
  11. How can certain activities harm the carbon cycle? Give specific examples.
  12. What is global warming?
  13. Define nitrogen fixation.
  14. How is acid deposition harmful?
  15. How does phosphorous aid in water pollution?
  16. What is carrying capacity?
  17. What is an age structure diagram?
  18. Why can desertification be bad for the environment?
  19. Define ecological footprint and give an example.
  20. How can aquifers be beneficial to an ecosystem?
  21. Why can soil loss be bad?
  22. What is the green revolution?
  23. Describe fossil fuels and give an example.
  24. Describe all the types of renewable energy sources.
  25. What is biological magnification?
  26. How can an alien species be bad to a biome?
  27. How can overexploitation harm an environment?
  28. Give a few examples of the direct value of biodiversity.
  29. Give a few examples of the indirect value of biodiversity.
  30. What is sustainability?