1. Review the definition of critical thinking on p. 6 of Think. What is the role of critical thinking in daily life? What is an example of a situation in which you can utilize critical thinking in your own life, andhow can critical thinking help in this situation?


2. Explain at least two common barriers to critical thinking, andprovide an example of when you encountered each barrier.


1. Review the self-evaluation questionnaire that you completed on p. 7 of Think, along with the meaning of your responses on p. 435 of Think.Reflect on your results related to the following characteristics of a good critical thinker:

o Analytical Skills

o Effective Communication

o Research Inquiry Skills

o Flexibility and Tolerance for Ambiguity

o Open-Minded Skepticism

o Creative Problem-Solving

o Attention, Mindfulness, and Curiosity

o Collaborative Learning

Which areas may you need to improve? How can you enhance these skills?