Question 1 

The right to freedom of speech is the right to:
criticize an organization’s ethics if they do so in good conscience. 
refuse to do something that is environmentally unsafe. 
do as they wish in their private life. 
to be treated only as they knowingly and willingly consent to be treated. 

Question 2 

Which of the following is an implication of e-HRM for the HRM practice of analysis and design of work?
Job openings can be posted online and candidates can apply for jobs online. 
Online learning and simulations can bring training to employees anywhere, anytime. 
Employees can review salary and seek information about, and enroll in benefit plans. 
Employees in geographically dispersed locations can work together in virtual teams. 

Question 3 

Identify the situation where an employer is most likely to defend his action against a discrimination lawsuit.
An airline company specifying heights for pilots 
A restaurant hiring only young women as waiters 
A company bringing starting pay into line with competitors 
A company that pays more to men workers than women workers 

Question 4 

If people believe their rights are being violated, they have the right to a fair and impartial hearing. This reflects the basic human right to:
lifetime employment. 
due process. 
free consent. 

Question 5 

If, as a plant manager, you entered the question “Can we change working hours?” into the company’s intranet search and received feedback on the company’s policies regarding work hours, plus state and federal guidelines, summaries of relevant laws, model documents, and new reports concerning alternative work schedules, you would probably be using a(n):
virtual team network. 
performance management system
shared service center. 
self-service system. 

Question 6 

Which of the following is a standard that human resource managers must satisfy for HRM practices to be ethical?
Respect for the principle of employment-at-will 
Greatest good for the largest number of people 
Respect for employees’ right of lifetime employment 
Maintaining the policy that customers are right 

Question 7 

How can HRM practices help employee empowerment?
Design jobs so that managers have control over business processes 
Encourage employees to interact with staff throughout the organization 
Through pay and other rewards to reflect employees’ loyalty to the organization 
By providing feedback only during the employee performance review 

Question 8 

The reliance on knowledge workers also affects organizations’ decisions about the kinds of people they are recruiting and selecting leading them to emphasize on:
specific job skills. 
job foundation skills. 
operative skills. 
general cognitive skills. 

Question 9 

Which one of the following represents an ethical principle of a successful company?
Employees never assume responsibility for the actions of the company. 
There is no sense of vision that employees value and use in their work. 
There are no mutual benefits in customer, client, and vendor relationships. 
Profit-maximization is not the sole mission of the company. 

Question 10 

A great deal of HR information is confidential and not suitable for posting on a Web site for everyone to see. One solution is to set up e-HRM on a(n) __________, which is a network that uses Internet tools but limits access to authorized users in the organization.
internet portal 
Shared service center