1. A village was submerged by liquefaction flow in the earthquake of 
A Gobi-Altai, 1957 
B Yungay, 1970 
New Madrid, Missouri,1811-12 
D Haiyuan, China 1920 
E Sagami Bay (Tokyo-Yokohama), 1923
2.Lake-bed muds made the destruction much worse in the earthquake of 
Port Royal, Jamaica, 1692 
B New Madrid, Missouri, 1811-12 
C Sagami Bay (Tokyo-Yokohama), 1923 
Loma Prieta, 1989 
E Mexico City, 1985
3. The three most deadly earthquakes is known history all occurred in 
A Europe 
B Asia 
C Africa 
North America 
South America
4.Many church groups celebrated the destructive earthquake that struck the former pirate haven of 
A Yungay, Peru, 1970 
B Haiyuan, China, 1920 
C Port Royal, 1692 
D Sagami Bay (Tokyo-Yokohoma), 1923 
San Francisco, 1906