1. In the 21st century what trends in the environmental forces (social, economic, technological, competitive, and regulatory) (a) work for and (b) work against success for Prince Sports in the Tennis industry?

2. Because sales of Prince Sports in Tennis-related products depend heavily on growth of the tennis industry, what marketing activities might it use in the U.S. to promote tennis playing?

3. What promotional activities might Prince use to reach (a) recreational players and (b) junior players?

4. What might Prince do to help it gain distribution and sales in (a) mass merchandisers like Target and Wal-Mart and (b) specialty tennis shops?

5. In reaching global markets outside the U.S. (a) what are some criteria that Prince should use to select countries in which to market aggressively, (b) what three or four countries meeting these criteria best, and (c) what are some marketing actions Prince might use to reach these markets?